3 Easy Ways to Barbecue Safer

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  • June 29, 2016
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Theres nothing better when the weather is sizzling than to get a few sausages sizzling outside as well.

We have been lucky with the weather this year. In fact you may have already squeezed a few BBQ’s in with friends & family. Hopefully the weather will hold out and we will have plenty more oppertunities this summer to cook ouutside. But you need to prevent your BBQ’s from going up in flames.

Here are a few tips which will help all your future BBQ’s go off without a hitch. However when it comes to the cooking of the food and the quality of taste i am afraid your on your own with that one.

Keep Your Eyes on The Coal

Whenever you are cooking anything, you cannot afford to leave it alone. Your BBQ needs your full attention. That way your on hand to act quickly should something start to go wrong, plus the chances of burning your burgers is always less if you keep an eye on the BBQ.

It also means you can stop children or pets getting too close to the flames and potentially harming themselves.

That is why you need to remain on top form until the cooking has finished, so hold off from that bottle of beer until everyone has food on their plate, you can then celbrate what a roaring success your BBQ has been later.

Have a Tundra Extinguisher Nearby

Having a small extinguisher near by means you can put out a fire before it causes any harm. It doesnt matter whether the fire is caused by placing the BVBQ too close to the shrubbery, or the burgers have been cooking too long.

With a Tundra Fire Extinguisher, you can quickly extinguish the flames. Its as easy as spraying your deoderant on in the morning – the aerosol spray extinguisher is great to have around.

All you have to do is point and spray, It will put out any fire including wood, paper, fabrics & oils. Its perfect to have at home and its compact size means its away, ready should you ever need it.

When the Party is Over

When all the food is cooked, youll want to extinguish the BBQ safely, but dont just pour water over it as you will likely get burned by the steam coming off.  Instead you simply remove the oxygen, close the lid on the BBQ and close any open vents, this will soon cool down and burn itself out.

Do not attempt to start cleaning the grill until it has completely cooled down, leave it until the next day and just focus on enjoying your day with your superbly BBQ’d food.

Washing up can wait but warm sunny summer days unfortunately do not.

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