Managing Behaviour that Challenges

Course Aim:

To give information on behaviours that are challenging so that learners can adapt their skills in order to maintain a person centred approach and allow an individual they are assisting to maintain well-being and a fulfilled life.

Course Duration:

3 Hours

Staff Who Should Attend:

Nursing and Care Staff

Course Objectives

  • To inform learners of how to manage and understand behaviours that challenge
  • To enable learners to gain knowledge on how to recognise and react to the different stages of behaviour
  • To inform leaners of how to work together to support a person centred approach


  • At the end of the course candidates will have covered the following modules:
    • What is ‘behaviour that challenges’?
    • Care Act 2014
    • Legal Requirements
    • Work-related violence
    • Who presents with challenges?
    • What is and what is not considered as behaviour that challenges
    • Organisational actions
    • How to develop a culture that focuses on people’s assets and life outcomes
    • Promotion of choice and control
    • Understanding the nature of behaviour that challenges
    • Understanding positive strategies to support and address behaviour that challenges
    • Using person centred approaches
    • Communication skills
    • Types of behaviour
    • Emotional and rational brain
    • Common reasons that cause people to challenge
    • Reason for behaviours that challenge
    • Responses to behaviour
    • Prevention
    • Managing the behaviour that is challenging
    • Non pharmacological interventions
    • Positive Behaviour Support planning (PBS)
    • Stages of behaviour
    • What to do
    • Following an incident

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