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Why do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

If you employ 5 or more staff it’s the law. Since 2005 The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order encompassed all other fire safety legislation in the UK requiring a competent person to carry out an assessment of their fire risks and record them.

Does this mean I have to have fire training?

The responsible person for the company must ensure that all of their employees are provided with adequate fire safety training a) at a time they are first employed b) when there is significant change to fire risks, change of responsibilities, systems of work, new technology and c) be repeated periodically. This must be the decision of the responsible person dependant on company policy. Franklin’s Fire and Safety Ltd would strongly recommend annually.

Who is the responsible person?

This person is normally the owner/occupier. It is the person who would on a day to day basis have control of the business. For premises that are operational 24/7 it is normally the most senior person on duty at the time.

Is this person the Fire Warden/Marshal?

Not necessarily and within the RRO there is no direct mention of fire wardens or marshals, quite often though they are deemed one and the same. The fire services are more likely to use the term ‘Marshalling’ and this works in premises where everyone is ambulant and can leave without assistance from their place of work. I.e. Offices, shopping precincts or places of entertainment. However, in premises where people may need assistance to evacuate the term more commonly used is ‘Fire Warden’. This person is more likely to manage the fire risk assessment, promote fire prevention and lead in an emergency situation.

Who can train in First Aid at Work?

At Franklin’s Fire and Safety Ltd we believe only a ‘competent person’ should undertake any training in the workplace. In this country we have a competency rule that the person training must ‘have practical knowledge and ability to discharge their duties and responsibilities’. Following an incident this will be proven in a court of law.

What other training services do you provide?

At Franklin’s we pride ourselves in not only the quality of our training services but also the diversity of our products. We can provide you with Fire Safety, Health & Safety, First Aid, Food Safety, Manual Handling (loads), Moving and Safe Positioning, Medication, Dementia, SOVA, Infection Control and many more.

Are your courses certificated?

At Franklin’s all courses we provide are either certificated by Franklin’s themselves or by one of the following bodies when accredited, HABC (Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance), CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health), Qualsafe etc.

How much will all this cost us?

At Franklin’s we have a very simple and all-inclusive pricing structure, no hidden extras. This will allow for your organisation to budget accurately and effectively year after year which in today’s economic climate is what all businesses require. We can provide training by an hourly, half day or daily rate to suit your needs. It costs you nothing to call us and get a quote.

Really! No hidden extras?

Let me reiterate. Once we give you a quote that’s what you pay. We provide everything you need in your premises. We bring with us a laptop, projector and screen, speakers, extension lead, DVD’s, attendance registers, evaluation sheets and all handouts. On completion of the course all learners receive a certificate stating they have completed a module of training. All inclusive.

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