Infection Control 3 Hours

Course Aim:

A half day course designed to give all learners the understanding and knowledge to actively prevent the spread of infection by incorporating their control procedures. Learners will understand what the risks are within their working environment and develop the skills to minimise these to the best of their ability

Course Duration:

3 Hours

Who Should Attend:

All staff within the position of assisting any Vulnerable Adult

Contents of Course:

  • Learners will understand the principles of infection  prevention and control
  •  Learners will understand what constitutes an infection risk
  • Learners will understand how they can reduce the risk of infection and the spread of bacteria

At the end of our course learners will have covered and understood the following modules:

  • Why Infection Control?
  • Who is Vulnerable?
  • Legislation and Legal Issues related to Infection Control
  •  Policy and Procedure
  •  Employers and Employees Responsibilities
  •  Consequences of Poor Infection Control
  • What is an infection
  •  Types of organisms that can cause infection
  •  Bacteria
  •  How infection can spread
  •  Incubation
  •  Head Lice
  •  Scabies
  •  Handling of specimens
  •  Personal Hygiene
  •  Infection Control and Food Safety
  •  Disposal of Waste including Clinical Waste
  •  Equipment/Sterilisation
  •  Cleaning/Laundry
  •  Hand Washing
  •  Detergents and their use
  •  The environment and surroundings – how to prevent infection

Outline of different infections including:

  •  Hepatitis A, B and C
  •  HIV and Aids
  •  MRSA
  •  H5N1
  •  Clostridium Dificile

This course is available in our dedicated Colchester training room, if you would like to book this course or request more information about doing a training session nearer your business please fill out the fields below

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