Pressure Care Awareness

Course Aim:

To provide information to enable learners to identify pressure areas and assist in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Course Duration:

3 hours

Who Should Attend:

All Nursing Care


  • Describe what a pressure ulcer is and how it develops.
  • Explain the Water low risk assessment process.
  • Identify those who are high risk of developing pressure ulcers.
  • Grade pressure ulcers using EPUAP pressure ulcer classification.
  • Highlight equipment, methods and aids for pressure ulcer prevention & how to prevent the development of Pressure Ulcers.


  • Formative (Activities) Summative (Quiz)


  • Key Documents, Guidelines and Definition,
  • Aetiology of Pressure Ulcers,
  • Anatomy of the skin,
  • Pressure Ulcer impact on people’s lives,
  • Healthy Skin,
  • Common sites for pressure ulcers to occur,
  • Predisposing factors,
  • Pressure, Shear and Friction explained
  • Prevention, Risk Assessment and who is at risk
  • What do we Assess
  • Waterflow Risk Assessment
  • BMI & MUST Tool explained and why Nutrition is important
  • Recognising a pressure ulcer developing
  • EPUAP stages of a Pressure Ulcer
  • Reverse Grading
  • Repositioning & Patient handling
  • Mattress provision & Mattress testing
  • Aderma as part of a care plan
  • Chairs, Cushions and continuity
  • Bed clothing & Patient clothing
  • The effect of Pain, Sleep, Medication
  • Comfort aids
  • Skin care & self-care
  • Documentation and why is this important
  • Pressure ulcer v Moisture Lesion
  • Leg ulcers v pressure ulcers
  • Treatments, Duty of Care

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