Moving and Safe Positioning Train the Trainer

This course has been specially designed to prepare people to deliver high quality ‘moving and Safe Positioning of people’ training as part of an on-going ‘in-house’ learning and development programme for all staff. A range of different topics will be covered and upon completion, training resource material will be provided to enable delivery of both induction and refresher sessions on this subject.


For learners to have the knowledge & practical skills, to enable them to instruct others in Moving & Positioning and Safe handling of people appropriate to their working environment.

Course Duration:

3 Days


  • Investigate Effective Teaching methods & Documentation.
  • Explore Establishing Ground Rules, Boundaries, Controlling Nerves.
  • Recognise good teaching resources, communication skills and constructive feedback.
  • Review relevant legislation; understand the role of the employer and employee duties with regard to these regulations.
  • Raise awareness of biomechanics, ergonomics and the anatomy of the spine. Review statistics.
  • Demonstrate safe moving and handling practices, using the principles of biomechanics.
  • Complete hazards analysis and risk assessments for moving & handling.
  • Review controversial techniques & discuss why they are unsafe.
  • Practical.

Assessment method:

Formative: (activities). Summative (Test and Practical Assessment) Presentation.

Course Contents (Day 1):

  • Manual Handling & Posture in & outside work.
  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations. Definitions Regulations 2 & 5
  • A.A.R.R  –   Avoid  Assess Reduce Review.
  • Health & Safety at Work Act, Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regs, Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regs. COSHH, RIDDOR
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Use of Bed Rails
  • Anatomy of the spine, Injuries Statistics and Causes over 7day injuries.
  • Recommended Weights.
  • Lifting Considerations
  • Base Movement, Basic Lifting and Team Lifting.
  • Biomechanics and Ergonomics
  • Controversial Techniques/Unsafe Lifting Practices
  • Hazards and Risk Assessments
  • E.L.I.T.E.
  • Case Studies for Risk Assessment
  • Basic Principals for Practical Techniques
  • Discussion of Equipment that is available and maybe of use in their work environment for safer Moving & Positioning.

The first day will consist of focusing on the theory element of moving and positioning including all of the points above. Then the introduction to the scheme of work that will be required for all delegates to complete by the end of the 3 days. The trainer will also demonstrate practical presenting to the group.

Day 2

Practical (People)

  • Use of Equipment appropriate to their working environment including: Hoists and Slings, Stand Aids, Rotundas, Slide Sheets, Handling Support Belts and Handling Slings. Turntable Discs, Transfer boards. (Follow T.A.R. Sheet)
  • Techniques for Aiding People to come forward in a chair or on a bed.
  • Techniques for Aiding People to Stand and transfer manually.
  • Wheelchair Use (Where Applicable)
  • Walking Frames and Commodes (Where Applicable)
  • Trainer Assessment of Candidates.
  • Questions/Discussion.
  • Test.
  • Effective Teaching & Documentation

The second day there will be practical presentations performed and demonstrated by the trainer to aid the learners in developing their own presentational skills. This day will include training advice and guidance as well as working towards the completion of schemes of work/session plans.

Day 3

  • 15 minute Presentations to group and course recap
  • Completion of Scheme of Work Document
  • Written examination

The third and final day will be concentrating on ensuring each of the delegates feels confident and this gives them the opportunity to ask any questions or concerns that they may have. This day also allows the delegates to exercise what they have learnt over the 3 days. Each delegate will be expected to have completed their own Scheme of Work document/session plans by the end of day 3. In addition to this each member of the group will perform their own 15 minute presentation to the rest of the group and also will sit a written examination.

This course is available in our dedicated Colchester training room, if you would like to book this course or request more information about doing a training session nearer your business please fill out the fields below

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