Moving, Positioning and Safe Handling of People Train the Trainer Refresher

Course Aim:

To ensure learners have the knowledge and practical skills to enable them to instruct others in Moving and Positioning appropriate to their working environment

Course Duration:

1 Day

Course Objectives:

  • Review relevant legislation; understand the role of the employer and employee duties with regard to these regulations.
  • Be aware of biomechanics and ergonomics.
  • Raise awareness of the anatomy of the spine. Review statistics.
  • Demonstrate safe moving and handling practices, using the principles of biomechanics.
  • Complete hazards analysis and risk assessments for moving & handling.
  • Review controversial techniques & discuss why they are unsafe.
  • Highlight effective teaching skills and documentation to be used when teaching.

Assessment Method:

Formative (activities). Summative (Test, Practical and presentations)

Course Contents:

  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations. Definitions Regulations 2 & 5
  • A.A.R.R  –   Avoid  Assess Reduce Review.
  • Health & Safety at Work Act, Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regs, Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regs. COSHH, RIDDOR
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Use of Bed Rails
  • Anatomy of the spine, Injuries Statistics and Causes over 7day injuries.
  • Individual Capacity
  • Lifting Considerations
  • Base Movement, Basic Lifting and Team Lifting.
  • Biomechanics and Ergonomics
  • Controversial Techniques/Unsafe Lifting Practices
  • Hazards and Risk Assessments T.I.L.E.E.O
  • Case Studies for Risk Assessment
  • Basic Principals for Practical Techniques
  • Discussion of Equipment that is available and maybe of use in their work environment for safer Moving & Positioning.
  • Manual Handling & Posture in & outside work.
  • Review of Effective Teaching & Documentation.

Practical (People)

  • Techniques for Aiding People to Stand and transfer manually.
  • Wheelchair Use (Where Applicable)
  • Walking Frames and Commodes (Where Applicable)
  • Trainer Assessment of Candidates.
  • Test.
  • Use of Equipment appropriate to their working environment including: Hoists and Slings, Stand Aids, Rotundas, Slide Sheets, Handling Support Belts and Handling Slings. Turntable Discs, Transfer boards. (Follow T.A.R. Sheet)
  • Techniques for Aiding People to come forward in a chair or on a bed.
  • Presentations.  (5mins in length done singularly or in groups) To ensure teaching skills are still in place.

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